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Patrick Meaney

Full Stack Web App Engineer

Well hello.

I'm Patrick, a Business-minded NodeJS developer with experience in Enterprise Application API Integration, Web Application Development, and Business Consulting with corporate and small business executives.



Full Stack

NodeJS / ExpressJS / General JavaScript:


React Native:

User Interface Design & Development:

SQL/NoSQL Database Design & Integration / REST API

DevOps & Data

Linux & Nginx Secure Server Administration:

Docker & Other DevOps:

AWS Cloud & Serverless Framework

Python ➡ DataSci & WebApp Frameworks

Customized Application Integration / ETL / Data Pipelines

Linux NGINX Node.js Express.js JavaScript Python R (statistics) AWS Cloud AWS Lambda AWS DynamoDB Framework Infrastructure as Code HTML5/CSS/SASS Bulma Bootstrap Webpack Git Relational Database Design SQL NoSQL Data pipelines / ETL Data Visualization Data Engineering REST API Design & Development Systems Analysis & Design Consulting at crux of IT & Business


Sample of Past Work & Open Source Projects

InfluxDB + Grafana Dashboard 2021 UpSkilling Docker InfluxDB Grafana Python + Rasbperry Pi NodeJS

InfluxDB Grafana Docker project screenshot

Marketo LiveChat API Integration 2019 NodeJS Serverside Enterprise Application Integration

Marketo LiveChat Logos

Predictive Statistics 2017 R Grad School: CIS Data Engineering Multilinear regression Predictive Modeling

Statistics project screenshot

Timetracker App 2019 Prototype NodeJS ReactJS PostgreSQL Responsive Design

Timetracker project screenshot

Hey, check out this project!

It predicts crime in Austin, TX zipcodes based on three economic factors

Here's an introduction to one of my favorite projects.

It's a predictive model, in an R script, sitting on my server.

When you click this button, it samples a set of data (crime in 36 zip codes in Austin, TX) and generates a trained model with ~83% of the data (30/36 data points)-- visualized as a predicted confidence interval (upper limit, lower limit, and average prediction), to which test data is applied (the remaining 17% of the data (6 data points)) to see how accurately the model (which is randomly calibrated— "trained" with a randomly selected 83% of the crime-correlated data— when you click) predicts real data.

Click the blue button below to Activate the predictive model for "Assault per 1000 capita per year" in six randomly chosen Austin, TX zipcodes
Please be patient as it might take a few moments to load. And if you refresh, you can click again for a new prediction.

Leftside: Visualization of the predicted data

Rightside: Data from the prediction


Left: Predicted Interval Right: Actual Data to test against
Upper Fit Lower Actual

Patrick's Background

2017 — Present
Full Stack Web App Engineer

I picked up Database Design (SQL), Data Engineering (R Language), & Statistical Predictive Modeling (R Language) skills in Grad School.

Soon after I was given the opportunity to work on a Marketo/LiveChat Enterprise Data Integration project at Pulse Secure (NodeJS) in San Jose, CA.

After Pulse Secure, I kept working with NodeJS and picked up ReactJS skills, and published a Full Stack App Prototype (TimeTracker-- for workforce management & map-location dispatching), leading to a role as a Consulting Engineer with Etumos, where my clients included Amazon Alexa, NGINX, And healthcare & financial companies, for whom I worked on Full Stack Apps & ETL projects.

2010 — 2017
Work: Digital Marketing
Self-taught: Web App Development
Formal Study: Accounting & CIS

After graduating UT Austin, I used the communication campaign management skills I built during our legislative campaign to transition into a Marketing career. I managed marketing campaigns for various advertising agencies' clients, part time (evenings/weekends). And worked in Digital Marketing full time for companies such as SolarWinds and BridgeTower Media.

While working in Marketing, I realized the importance and value of Web Application development skills and began building my skills in that direction.

Taking an interest in learning the financial underpinnings of business management, I studied Accounting and CIS formally at Texas State University.

2008 — 2010
Co-founded ReEnergize Texas & Passed Legislation at 81st Texas Legislature

While an undergraduate at UT Austin, A group of about 8 friends and I co-founded a non-profit called ReEnergize Texas. As Legislative Director, I planned the campaign which led to our activation of about two hundred student environmental activists, who then promulgated our activism to a wider audience of thousands of students across Texas, who demanded congressional support for our legislation.

As a result of our initiative, we persuaded Legislators to pass our legislation [HB 3353] [SB 2182] : Allow students to vote to increase tuition at public Texas universities & colleges, which is then allocated to student environmental & natural resource research projects.

As of 2021, this initative has led to approximately $30+ million cumulatively across over a dozen Public and Private Texas Universities, and approximately $5 million at UT Austin alone. [See UT Austin project examples]


What can I do for you?

Consulting on IT & Business Systems

I work with with executives to develop IT Solutions for their business strategies such as Custom application development, and Data integration across multiple enterprise applications & databases.

Customized Application Design & Development

I take applications from idea through execution via requirements gathering, use case planning & diagramming, and development from the ground up. Typically I build apps and services using tools such as: Node.js, ExpressJS, SQL/NoSQL database servers, Cloud providers, Infrastructure as Code frameworks, NGINX, and Linux.

User Interface Design & Development

Though I tend to stick more to Server-side development, I am happy to Design & Develop User Interfaces via CSS Frameworks, ReactJS (currently my favorite frontend javascript framework), and React Native (currently learning— to publish applications on Apple & Android mobile devices).

Back End Web Development

I develop Back End applications & services using Node.js, Various flavors of SQL/NoSQL databases, and DevOps (Cloud, Linux, Docker, etc). I'd like to get more into Python for Data Engineering & Machine Learning-- Previously I've used the R language for Data Engineering & Predictive Statistical Modeling.

Database Design and Application Integration

I have studied Database Management & Design formally. And I greatly appreciate structured databases given that they're typically more easily analyzed than less structured databases. That said, sometimes NoSQL databases are the appropriate solution— such as when database schema is still being determined, or when data simply needs to be open-ended in terms of structure. In either case, I integrate databases into applications as CRUD operations, facilitated by raw database operations, as well as tools such as query-builders & object relational mappers.

Personal Technology Interests

Computer Vision for object recognition in video streams — Python Keras/TensorFlow & Nginx RTMP Module

•  For a wildlife survey project       •   For a non-profit municipal litterer-catching project [See TACO]

Electronics for renewable energy systems & agricultural robotic systems

•  For setting up DIY renewable energy systems on houses & vehicles

•  For monitoring and controlling my future greenhouse

Here are some past hands-on mechanical & electrical projects:
Repairing my vehicle's transmission, and setting up a solar panel control system
Both, thanks to a MacGuyver Uncle's mentorship.

Transmission photo 1
Transmission photo 2
Transmission photo 3
Transmission photo 4
Electrical photo 1
Electrical photo 2